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It's Janis and Kurt, Redford and Meryl, Oliver Stone, Michael Mann and Snowden, Fallon, Foxx, Smith.

It's been my field of studies for a few years while I was trying to understand democracy, liberalism and what is commonly called the «  crisis of representation » . It's Rawls, Chicago, the fucking Patriot Act. It's New York when I was a kid and my grandma singing Sinatra in the Benz going really fast on what at home is called the «  highway of sun ». It’s Washington papers and Guantanamo, it’s the Founding Fathers and Al Pacino, Scorsese and Thomas Crown, Andy, Axel Rose and Liv Tyler in a music video, Aerosmith, MTV. It's Jack White and Oprah, Letterman and Jay-Z, it's Ellen and Beth and Shane, Michael way before and 63 and Impeachment and hell is other people like Trump and it's so many wars and billions wasted in a none-sense supposed to be progress, globalization times, murdering my soul. You're never around and yet everywhere, California is you and me going crazy alone with a phone, just like you used to do. Are we condemned to become like people we love ? Homeland. It’s my grand-parents history, my country’s, wars and allies, then cold days and E.T.s. It's an endless land. A continent. And fucking good memories.

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