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Sometimes you're glued in yourself. Stuck in your body your soul is unable to go out anymore. Do you know that existence literally means "thrown outside" ? Latin and Greek ain't helping when everything goes wrong, and everything goes wrong sometimes.


It doesn't get better he says, he's hilarious and Chan Marshall is the greatest, well he was right, it can even go worst at times, when you don't want anything to go better, especially you, you, you could turn into a guilty one, guilty of letting go some love, some life, you'd sue yourself for treason. Better remaining in the air, dreaming about becoming the wind, lying in bed eating cigarettes for breakfast you're trying to turn into a rock, warning : don't move your body, being close to the deads means not moving at all, yeah praise to shake as a dog if you feel like it, you're too dry to cry honey, no fucking wow.


Well I admit you were right, you needed that time to live again after all you're always right : only the ones who can't cry are sick. You've always needed another world and I guess for the lucids like you reality hits like a knife when everything goes away at once. And of course you never wanna be on denial, and of course you're never on denial, well you can laugh you almost died. I did. Went to hell and back. And let Louise tell you : IT WAS WONDERFUL.

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