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Salton Sea, Bombay Beach / Salton Waltz Photo Report © Axelle Emden 2014
SALTON WALTZ  -  California, USA  (2014)

A natural accident multiplied by the human intervention created this zone called the Salton Sea : a sea that is way too salty to keep its creatures alive. The salt turned a whole area into a cemetery. But as chaotic and desperate as they are, Salton landscapes are still amazingly beautiful. 
Poindexter used to say that chaos is what happens when an angel falls in love with a demon. Wandering around feels like being a witness of this love-story...
LOVE WINS  -  Paris, France  (2015)

Love Wins is the slogan we heard all around the world after the US Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage on June 26th of 2015. The federal decision was canceling any attempt for any american state to forbid the right to get married for gay people. 
The day after, the Gay Pride was celebrated in Paris. I've been covering the march since 2012, mainly focusing on portraits of a joyful youth, celebrating love. 2015 was a special one.
Love Wins, Parisian Gay Pride 2015 © Axelle Emden
Mobilisation du 11 janvier 2015, Paris IV © Axelle Emden
I AM (Charlie)  -  Paris, France  (2015)
January 7th of 2015. Spontaneous reunion of Parisians place de
la République, a few hours after Charlie Hebdo's attacks.
January 11th of 2015. A march is organized through the capital : as we can't move anymore in the streets, it turns into a massive grouping. 
November 13th, same year, the Bataclan is attacked. It is the "state of emergency" since then. In the country, in the city. 
Unable to work because of what's going on in my hometown, I coupled my photos with a few lyrics by the Eagles of Death Metal...
Launched in 2015 by a dozen of Australians previously known as "The Liberators", The Biggest Eye Contact Experiment tries to fight against the loss of human connexion through simple street meetings, where people are invited to "share one minute" with a stranger, by basically looking at someone in the eyes. The experience already took place in more than 160 cities across the world. Live-report in Barcelona, plaça del Sol in Gràcia.
The Biggest Eye Contact Experiment, Barcelona 2016 - Reportage Société
La Catalogne veut l'indépendance
GURIS  -  Barcelona, Spain  (2017)
Guris is the way international people are sometimes called
in Barcelona.
As I consider that I did photograph the events as a tourist,
I stole the insult to name a series  trying to question what is at stake in the independence  of Catalunia. 
First pictures from an ongoing work.
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